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We professionalise entrepreneurship®

The Institute of Chartered Entrepreneurs® (IoCE) is a non-profit company established as a professional development, examining and awarding body for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. It is formulated on a set of ethical principles distilled from the most successful systems and ideas in the domains of business management, corporate governance and sustainable small enterprise development.

Our Expertise

We bring together experts from across major business, economic and human science disciplines leveraging on the multiplier effect. Communication and collaboration are encouraged across disciplines.

Our curricula and examinations are designed by world acclaimed course content creators and evaluated by experienced academics and seasoned business leaders using world-class methodologies. 

Our Commitment to Results

We are dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs, tools, and methods needed to help them succeed in a highly competitive, and demanding businesworld. 

Our Philosophy

The founding principles of the IoCE guide the growth and development of the organisation as it works toward excelling in its core missions:

  • to safeguard the integrity and status of entrepreneurship as a profession; 

  • to engender ethical awareness and resilience in small business ecosystems;

  • to train the next generation of ethical business leaders;

  • to undertake, provide and support or assist in research, and thought leadership; and

  • to help normalise ethical entrepreneurship.

Our Experience

A fusion of decades-old heuristics, academic excellence, and real world experience gained in diverse enterprise development environments fortifies the IoCE's foundation. 



The Executive Team

We understand that while each team member is an individual, successful team members work together as a single entity focused on a shared objective. We ensure that strategic roles are filled by people who not only have the right experience but also have the right characteristics and tools.


Tebogo Khaas

Founder & Global Chief Entrepreneur

After decades of championing small business development and helping improve the SME ecosystem, Khaas identified the need to professionalise entrepreneurship as a crucial element to overcoming most of the impediments against impactful, enduring SME development.


Fostering ethical entrepreneurship is central to realising this ideal.

"Everyday entrepreneurs come to us for many reasons, but all are united by a decision to do a little bit more, a little bit better. 


I’m here to support them, however I can. Empowering them is what we do,' says Khaas.

Phone: +2710 005 5884

The road ahead

The primary goal for this year is to develop an organisational structure to support the IoCE’s mandate and launch the institute later in the year. Through defining roles, canvassing and repurposing resources, we will create a structure that can more effectively and more robustly address any issues that may arise.


The IoCE will:

  • Establish and provide a coordinated, strategic, and intentional direction for the institution;

  • Build institution-wide accountability measures; and

  • Create sustainable processes and support systems that build on, learn from, and execute its mandate.


The Institute of Chartered Entrepreneurs is led by an executive leadership team that consists of a Chief Executive (CE), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Membership Officer (CMO). 

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